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Consulting Services

We specialize in providing impactful consulting services to organizations, government agencies, and community groups, focusing on the unique needs of Black and racialized immigrant communities. Our expertise spans equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism strategies, guiding clients in fostering diverse and inclusive workforces, policies, and practices. 

We also offer support in building cultural competency among service providers and organizations, ensuring a respectful understanding of the experiences and perspectives of these communities. Through community engagement initiatives, we help organizations effectively collaborate with Black and racialized immigrant communities, promoting participatory decision-making and inclusive approaches. Moreover, we assist in developing evidence-based programs targeting the needs of these communities, and provide guidance on policy advocacy and accessing funding opportunities to drive positive change and enhance their well-being.

System Navigation and Advocacy Programs

Our System Navigation and Advocacy Program offers comprehensive support in accessing services and navigating complex systems. We understand the challenges individuals face in understanding social assistance programs, completing paperwork, and advocating for their rights to equitable services. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Program Highlights:

Accessing Services and Support: We provide guidance and support in accessing essential services such as healthcare, education, housing, and social assistance programs. Our team assists you in understanding eligibility criteria, completing necessary paperwork, and connecting you with the right resources.

System Navigation: Navigating complex systems can be overwhelming. Our program offers dedicated support in understanding the intricacies of various systems, including social assurance programs and community services. We help you navigate the processes and requirements, ensuring you can access the support you need.

Advocacy for Equitable Services: We believe in advocating for equitable services for all individuals. Our program provides information on your rights and entitlements, empowering you to demand fair treatment. We offer support in filing complaints to relevant entities such as ombudsmen, child and youth advocates, human rights services, Members of Parliament (MPs), and decision makers.

Community Capacity Building

Training and Workshops: We offer diverse training and workshops designed to equip community members with valuable knowledge and skills, enabling them to thrive in their personal and professional lives.


Networking and Collaboration: We create inclusive platforms that foster connections, collaborations, and the sharing of experiences among community members, encouraging partnerships and collective efforts for positive change.


Resource Mobilization: We assist communities in identifying and mobilizing local resources, facilitating the establishment of partnerships for community projects and initiatives.

Awareness Campaigns and Education: Through impactful awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, we address critical social issues, promote health and well-being, and inspire positive behavioral change.

Strengthening Organizational Capacity: We provide vital support to local organizations and community groups through workshops on governance, financial management, strategic planning, and evaluation, empowering them to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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